How the Prepping Community Started: A Brief History of Preparedness

Preparedness has become more than a fad. In the aftermath of natural disasters, the pandemic, and terrorism, many people are taking precautions to be more self-reliant. Prepping is a particularly unique subculture that combines different philosophies and practices into one movement. Preparedness can mean very different things to different people; however, most prep-oriented individuals have something in common: they’re ready for anything. Let’s take a look at how this community came together and what it means for you today.

A brief history of preparedness

Preparedness has been a part of human life for centuries. What is interesting is that the word “preparedness” has been in the language for a very long time. It comes from the Middle English term “praeparare”, which means “to get ready”. Preparedness was primarily a military concept until the 1980s, when it became more associated with disasters and health risks. It was during this time that many people started to realize the importance of having basic supplies

The rise of disaster prepping

Disaster prepping started to become more common in the late 20th century. Many people were concerned about nuclear war and were stocking up on supplies. Prepping became especially popular in the aftermath of 9/11. Many people were worried about terrorist attacks, and the Internet was a growing force in society. People were able to connect with one another and discuss their survival strategies online. As a result, the prepping movement grew rapidly.

The prepping community grows

The prepper community has grown quite a bit since its inception. There are many forums and websites where people can connect with one another and discuss their strategies. There are several different types of people in the prepping community, each with their own philosophy. Some are focused on natural disasters, while others are concerned about economic collapse or health pandemics. There are also those who are interested in self-sufficiency because they want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. No matter what your reason for being involved in the prepping community is, there are many benefits you can receive.


Final Words

The prepping community has grown to include many different people with a wide range of interests. Whether you’re interested in natural disasters or economic collapse, there is likely a place for you in the prepping community. With the ever-increasing threats in the world, it’s important to stay prepared. This can help you to minimize the impact that a disaster might have on your life. Preparedness can also help you to live a more sustainable lifestyle. If you have basic supplies, you don’t have to rely on others for help. Now that you understand the history of preparedness, are you ready for anything? Take the first step towards self-reliance by building an emergency supply kit. You never know when something might happen, so it’s best to be prepared to act swiftly.